Launcher stuck at 92%

I’ll start from the beginning, having already installed, I installed the BeamMP client, it saved to my desktop and I ran the app as administrator, it chose its directory and installed. It created a desktop shortcut, then automatically launched the launcher, it opens a BeamMP Launcher that says update found, updating. it loads until about 92%. Ive uninstalled the game, retried installing the mod, made sure mods were turned on in the beamng client itself, no matter what i do, it never loads past 92%, ive never seen the beamMP client open. all my friends did the same thing as me, and they had no issues. Ive reinstalled the game too many times and have had no luck. cant find any fixes or similar issues anywhere on this forum or youtube… please someone help me fix this… i have no idea what it could be. ive gone through the “read before asking for help” and none of those fixed my issue. so new suggestions would be nice