Leaked Phone Number

Hey Yall,

I’m respectfully asking to see the evidence that was given to a mod to ban me for providing someone’s phone number in my bio. I saw that Staticracer had it in his bio and i called that number thinking it was static but it was @spotz. Could we talk about it. If i was banned for calling him than that’s some bs. I do know who provided this phone number for everyone. I believe i shouldn’t be banned.

Ill like to add that is was never in my bio to begin with.

You know what. the guy who leaked it was @AORES

Have a good day,
Sus King aka Senior Sussy

Due to you doxxing @spotz and previously breaking rules in the Discord server that almost got you permanently banned, it is safe to say you will not get unbanned.
@AORES will most likely get punished for his actions. You were banned for sharing other’s personal information in VCs with multiple people.
For proof, Multiple witnesses who were there have said you leaked spotz’s phone number in the VC.

Regards, Wiener dawg

Yes, i was a witness to JoeJoe leaking his information. So why was i banned? For calling spotz??? or what? I’m very confussed why i was banned. I understand what rules were broken but they weren’t by me unless im forgetting something.

and also those pervious reports were resolved so to many reasons.

Because multiple people said you leaked spotz’s number in the VC. JoeJoe got punished for leaking spotz’s number too.
Other reports were closed due to too much arguments.

Well, that’s unfortunate because you are being lied too. If you didn’t receive a snapshot of his number in my bio. Which it was not in there. Thats bs. You can’t just rely on verbal evidence because it could be a lie.

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