Loading UI problem

when i launch the game, it gets stuck on loading ui, i followed the article from official beamng and once i deleted the beam mp mod, it got fixed, if i launch with beam mp launcher, the same bug happens again, ive tried reinstalling the launcher, but the problem is still there

Same problem here. Just started last night 12/13/2022.

New version of beamNG means you need to wait for mod update.

The latest version of BeamMP is compatible with the game version 0.27. Make sure you got 0.27. To our knowledge using 0.26 causes the black screen

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It seems MP just isn’t caught up with BeamNG itself. I had that same problem when I tried to play today, but updating BeamNG to 0.27 and relaunching fixed it for me. Although, even when launching with the MP launcher, I still can’t play multiplayer and it tells me mods aren’t recommended.