Log-in Problem

When i try to log in to the beamng multiplayer server and i use my login, it doesnt work. It says login failed. When i log in on here, it works? can anyone help


Hello, please can you share a screenshot of the BeamMP Launcher?

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I also do not work

Hi I’m also having the same issue, I can log in perfectly fine on the website but not on my client.

Here’s a screenshot of the launcher above my beamng window

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i have the same problem :frowning:

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Same problem for me.


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same everytime i put in my username and password it says its not correct

same problem here, justo joined today and can’t login

Same issue.

Cannot login

same here, has anyone figured the problem?

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thought it was a problem with my account, deleted it, restarted and still didn’t fix it

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there is a problem where if you don’t have a key file you can’t login even with correct credentials. Usually the launcher creates it when you login but it doesn’t for some reason. If I remove the key file I can’t login. If I have the key file it automatically logs in. I believe the key file holds login information to log in. O1ler and I were talking about it in the BeamMP discord.

i created a new account. theres no key file anywhere. does this file contain anything other then the login?

Follow this thread for more attention

Same issue for me. I enter my username and password, then when i press enter or click login, it removes the password and tells me the details are wrong.

same problem. Login doesn’t work in game.

i have the same problem

I have the same issue.

same here, login error