Log in stuck on "Attempting to log in..."

When I try to log in on the game running (with my correct account info), a “Attempting to log in…” text pops up above the log-in box and doesn’t log me in. I put my clock timer for 3 minutes and when it finished, the text was keeped being there. I searched a similar post about this but it barely had replies to solve the problem so, I decieded to make my own post. I’d be glad if someone could help me to solve this problem.

on Discord Client Support, lot of people fix the issue by running the beammp as admin by right clicking the beammp launcher

that usually fix when the cmd say something like this and then the cmd suddenly close

Running the game on admin doesn’t fix the issue and even the cmd doesn’t say anything different when running the game normally.

i have the same problem :frowning: