Making own server?

I just joined BeamMP, and was wondering if there was a way to make my own server to invite friends and drive around with.

yeah, the problem is fixed. It is because Kaspersky is blocking steam and that’s why I have steam user data error and not yet downloaded beamNG

Has this been resolved?

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Holyguaka [IRL]

sure I will do it and I will turn off Kaspersky safe kids

Kaspersky could be your problem then, please make sure that BeamMP launcher AND BeamMP server are allowed on all antivirus software you have, most to all antivirus affect beammp negatively

it is not working

Make sure you’ve got no spaces in the Authkey in your config file.
Please try remain calm, we’re here to help.

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Holyguaka [IRL]

Then how the FU** is it working for all of you but mine is saying “Authkey not found”, I watched a lot of tutorials, and not helping.

ok, thanks ^^

  • “/levels/gridmap/info.json”
  • “/levels/automation_test_track/info.json”
  • “/levels/east_coast_usa/info.json”
  • “/levels/hirochi_raceway/info.json”
  • “/levels/italy/info.json”
  • “/levels/jungle_rock_island/info.json”
  • “/levels/industrial/info.json”
  • “/levels/small_island/info.json”
  • “/levels/smallgrid/info.json”
  • “/levels/utah/info.json”
  • “/levels/west_coast_usa/info.json”
  • “/levels/driver_training/info.json”
  • “/levels/derby/info.json”

What is the name of the West Coast USA map file?

Let us know if there’s anything else you need.

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Holyguaka [IRL]

@charles Thanks for advice, I had looked into Youtube and working on it

@lyrusfirewolf Please look at our topic on how to make a beammp server