Mod download spead extremely slow

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No matter what I do, mod downloads when connecting to servers are extremelly slow.
I know australian internet is bad, but i get 56mbps down and 20mbps up, yet according to task manager beammp will only download at 0.6mbps. Is there any way to speed up these downloads? it’s virtually impossible to switch to servers with new mods

Every other service (steam, speedtest, etc) have no issue taking advantage of the full connection.
I’ve already updated everything to the latest version and event switched from windows 10 to windows 11, this did not solve the issue (although i would not go back to windows 10)
I also attempted basic steps such as re-install, restarts, etc
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Steam and co use a CDN to distribute their data from. When you download a game then from the closests of locations to yours, most likely from a location within your own country. But when you connect to a game server in a foreign country then the down and upload speed can easiely be limited simply because of the distance that the data has to travel.

There is nothing that you can do, but to pre download the mods from a closer location first