Mod won't load in multiplayer

Hi, I’m new to modding on BeamNG (I have lots of development experience) so please bear with me.

I’ve created a client mod that does a log onExtensionLoaded. The mod loads and works as expected, and the log is output in singleplayer, but on my multiplayer server it does not output the log or appear to start up at all (I’m looking at the beamng.log).

I have packaged and placed my mod in the client folder. I’ve managed to get other mods working perfectly as expected, and I’ve gone so far as to copy the exact file structure of these mods but it still does not work. What am I doing wrong? I’m happy to provide more details on request.

a fix should be coming soon (i think i got it working again today) but it’ll take a few days until we push it. In the meantime you can just run the commands that you put in the modscript file (namely registerCoreModule("modName") loadCoreExtensions() )
manually. another bug that you may come across is that when sending custom data from server to client there’s a ‘:’ character at the beginning of the payload, this can be fixed with a msg = string.sub(msg,2) but should also be fixed in a few days.


Will it be fixed soon and Is there a way around this issue? I’m developing a server and client side mod so I can’t test in single player

Hey there! We currently have a bug which causes the modScript file to not get called in multiplayer, this is what would load your mod into the GE lua environment. We are working on a fix for it