Modded Cars

Hi all. If I make a modded car, literally say that I just take some bumpers from a stock car, how can I make it so that car is available for those who join my server? Thank you!

Sorry Holyguaka, I should have explained more as I don’t understand your reply. Let’s say I take the default in game Gavril D series (pick up truck) and I make the wheels square and remove bumpers what not. I know I can save that car for myself. But how do I make this a particular variation a selectable vehicle for users who join the server?

I didn’t understand the ‘export’ part in your post. I know something has to go into the Resources /Client folder, but I just don’t know what :slight_smile:

This should help, just make sure you correctly export the mod, I’d advise trying it on singleplayer before trying to add it into multiplayer :smiley:
Best Regards,
Holyguaka [IRL]