Mods Can’t Be Enabled

As a user who enjoys enhanced gameplay, I was distraught when I couldn’t enable mods anymore. My excitement for a new major update was completely out the window when I realized I could no longer enjoy BeamMp to the fullest.

All I’ve really done for the past while is load up beammp, sit down in my setup, load my mods, & go drive with other players. Mods such as engine performance, grip tires, anti-lag, godmode brakes - mods that make my gameplay enhanced and more enjoyable as mods were purposed to do.

This update is BS in my opinion. In a free roam game players should not be limited to the vanilla functions. If anything, create a server mod that does what has been done - disallow players to enable mods (if possible). I’m very upset and taken back by this update and can see myself not playing BeamMp as much as I do.

With not having a mass of friends to drive vanilla, honstly, single player is now arguable more enjoyable than multiplayer.

Am I the only one feeling this way?

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You’re not the only one

Not the first thread of this kind

There has been complaints about this on the discord too so far.

I thought I was the only one i hope there is more so we can get the devs to reverse it and if not ill figure out a workaround cus your right it makes me not want to play mp.

Yeah I thought I was the only one with that issue, I use mods in multiplayer not for ruin the experience to other, I use it just for play with friends with a huge category of cars, engines or tunings. When I play in server with people I use vanilla, but when i’m with friends in empty servers we only want mods that can mess around with. I hope BeamMP change that.

Yeah I already had this problem and this topic helped me a lot to fix the problem.