Mods i accedentaly removed files of and cant get back

The mod’s name is: Lamborghini Gallardo, by WolfArmyYT. I don’t know what to do and i have tryed everything theas past few months. Reinstalling, playing the mod on a server, nothing works. Please help me.

Why not just download it from the original source?

It dident work, maybe something else will

Umm okay, Little confused what you are actually saying here then.

It diden’t work by fownloding it from the website if that is what you ment

If it did not work then the mod is broken?
I am not sure how this has anything to do with BeamMP though.

Please can you explain what exactly you are looking for here?

It works on a beamNP server but not when i try to use the mod, this was also the first support i found

So the mod you are talking about here Lamborghini Gallardo, by WolfArmyYT does not work on single player for you but does work on one of the BeamMP servers?

If that is the case then did you enable the mod?