Mods not working?

Hello. So after latest game update, mods are no longer working, i just can’t enable them in the mod menu. anyone knows why ?

While being in a server you cannot load mods anymore :slight_smile:

Ohhhh Neverless I know you. It was probably made because of me :rofl:, because I loved my engine mods. I hate you now. :laughing:

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@Neverless Will this be a permanent solution?`
As for myself, i have been having alot of fun in BeamMP and i REAAAALLY thinks it’s a well needed addition to the game but mostly because it’s been open to anyone… I love playing around with engine mods myself as for using custom turbocharger mods, custom transmissions, more grippy tires and such. I’ve never been a huge fan of entirely modded cars… like added mod-cars since the vanilla cars are just so much better made and offer a nicer gaming experience… still. BeamMP without mods isn’t the same and probably will get me off of BMP. I hope the dev team will revise on that topic and change this back but on the long term this makes it less attractive since the game might give a nice baseline but doesn’t offer nearly enough content to be attractive for MP on the long run, at least if you dont have a bazillion friends that play BNGD regularly themselves.
Sure this is only my personal opinion and alot of people might agree but also about the same amount will disagree…

Can you at least give us or me for that matter here an answer/reason to why you guys decided to remove MP mod support? I mean it can’t be for performance reasons obviously… like performance isn’t a thing to worry about for systems that still use GTX900/RX300-400 and older GPUs and like intel 6th gen or amd pre-ryzen gen CPUs… right? Like these kind of hardware are way to old to let them be part of modern day performance-balancing, right? :smiley: I may be wrong here but i do actually believe that this old tech shouldn’t be part of the calculation here. :smiley:

Anyways, thanks for reading if you got this far and please really only take this as an honest question and nothing toxic or such :smiley: I’m really just trying to understand why the devs did this. <3 Best of wishes and merry christmas 2 ya guys and thanks in general for providing us with an MP service at all!

You can still use mods that are enlisted on the server. What was deactivated with the recent change is that you can no longer side load mods that are not on the server. And as far as i gathered yet that is because server owners and players had the issue that player enabled for example a car mod, spawned the car and through that became a black orb that no one could interact then with (only if the other players also had the same mod enabled on the time of the spawn, the car was visible).

The same is true when players use part mods. For example you use a modded engine… well no one can see it and your cars engine will reset to its default for all other players which typical means that it blows up on their end and the player with that mod becomes a huge smoke bomb for everyone which is annoying.

So it has nothing todo with performance issues, just that players used mods that the server owners didnt want them to use and on the other hands players where annoyed that there where players that where just black orbs. I personally am not a fan of that change and rather wish for a toggle that the server owner can set in order to allow for sideloading, but we will see if that will happen.

But just to say it, you can always setup a server, enlist the mods you wish everyone to be able to use and then it will be possible to use them.

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Hey there.
Thanks for the fast reply! Okay that all seems reasonable, i really didn’t know it was such a problem on other peoples end. I do know that people became (for me orange) orbs if their car was a mod and you could drive through it without any interaction/damage but on their screen you drive through them, completely annihilating their car…but honestly i didn’t know that sometimes our engines bugged out on them when modded on our screen and not theirs.
I mean nobody ever said anything to me, that’s why i didn’t know probably :smiley: It always worked fine for me and people around, they always were just pretty surprised that some Semi Truck or cheap a** car suddenly smoked them on the quarter mile and going almost 600-700kmh after about 1mile xD

But again, that’s all good to know and i guess i’ll be waiting for stuff to change or might actually setup my own server… We’ll see. See ya on the roads maybe.


I would like to add to this. I would agree that certain modders can ruin a game for everyone else, when they break laws of physics, by making unlimited engine power, completely indestructible cars, and unrealistic tires grip. But most of people using mods to have more controls to play with such as, different types of turbines chargers, engine parts and so on. This was a huge deal for me and many others. I would suggest to partially restrict certain mods like “custom grip tires” and only allow people to use vanilla tires. That way they will not be able to overpower their cars too much as wheels will just spin off. And also restrict non vanilla cars.

All I want to do is use my Maine state police skins on the eastcoast map online I think it would be well suited for that