Multiplayer button missing on main menu

i downloaded beammp and no multiplayer button is showing in beamng

I have the same issue, any fix??

there is no multiplayer button whats going on ?? anyone have the fix to this. ive had beammp for almost 7 months now no issue all of a sudden multiplayer is gone

Hi all, Please check that you have re-enabled BeamMP on the mods menu in-game.

Each update of the game disables all mods so you need to reenable BeamMP.

I did i re enable the mods

If multiplayer doesn’t show up, here are some things to do. you can delete your mods, reinstall beammp, or clean cache.

Mods can sometimes be the main issue. There sometimes are conflicting mods. If you have it, delete it, reset beammp, and re-launch it, and it should work.

a beam update then restart fixed this issue for me.