Multiplayer chat + multiplayer player ammount and the list of players names won't load with the loader

So basicly i can’t say something in BeamMP because the chat is not there on the bottom left on my screen and i cannot see how many players are in the server on the top of my screen and i cannot see the list of the names of the players on the left on my display

can anyone help? or who knows how to fix it?

Can you share a screen shot of the UI that you are using in Beam MP? You may just need to re-add the applications to the screen.

yes of course


different servers may load a different interface layout for you. what server are you joining?

italy 2 rn


on the top is the server name and the ammount of players
on the right is the list of the player ther names
on the bottom there is the chat
but now they are not there anymore and i can’t open the UI-apps it won’t load

The tachometer and ignition are still there though, yeah, it looks like you are using the single player UI. Hit escape>UI apps and then use the drop down arrow and select “multiplayer.” If you are already on the multiplayer setting do escape>UI apps>edit apps>add apps and re-add all the multiplayer stuff. If neither of those work uninstall the BeamMP mod and reinstall it.

yeah… it won’t let me do it but now i want to pack it (beamMP) but i can’t it just stays at the waiting clock and can’t pack it since

edit: there was an update right now ( my clock says 18:03 German time ) and now it’s back! Yippe!!