Multiplayer doesn't work

When I click on mp it shows that game is not connected to the launcher, which is false I am connected and when I click connect it doesn’t do anything I am not even logged in an it shows a logout button when I click it nothing much happens

You are not connected to the launcher, thats what it tells you. You either got more mods enabled then just beammp (other mods like to cause issues) or you or a mod messed with the launcher ports. The launcher is, if you so want, a server where the game connects to. This connection cannot be established here.

So if its not caused by other active mods, then check your multiplayer settings in advanced mode and your launcher configuration for if both are still set to 4444.

Only beammp is enabled i changed nothing in the settings i bought the game because yesterday I had the same problem on a cracked version so I bought the game and it didn’t fix anything

I just reinstalled beammp nothing should be different on the launcher

So you gonna help me more or no i did, checked everything you said and nothing worked I waited for 8 hours for an answer and didn’t get one I went on the beammp discord server and posted the exact same error got 0 replies how can you treat people like this

Its a community project, im a volunteer just like everyone else. And i simply dont know the answer to your problem

I’m sorry I’m very sorry I want to apologize I fixed it myself the fix was putting user folder in beammp folder I’m truly sorry

Please go into more detail I have the same issue as you.