Multiplayer Mod not working after 0.28 update

ever since the new 0.28 update the in game mod for the UI doesn’t work anymore therefore not allowing me to access the server list


Same here, I get a warning message saying that as of now BeamMP is not compatible with version .28… how long will this be the case ?

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Same here I hoop it gets fixed soon

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yup exactly the same issue but it will get fixed

yes what has been done?

Same problem here

Yep same here :sleepy:

Hello all,

Thank you for your messages. We are working on a patch as I write this and hope to have it with you all soon pending successful testing.

Kind regards,


Thanks for the follow up.

if you activate mods MP shows up idk if it works

Thanks guys it works again

Yep, running again, THX :heart_eyes:

fr it does?
lemme see rq

have you fixed it yet ?

You may need to move your camera to where you want to spawn your vehicle.


Thats not working too

I’ve reinstalled it and its working now. I think it was an Error from the Mod

Pode me ajudar, estou com um problema aqui

Hi guys, I’m new to BeamNG and had the same scenario. When a new version of the game is released, the mods are disabled by default (yours are probably disabled as well. You can check this if your Mods button, in the main menu, is crossed with a red line). To enable mods, simply press on the Mods button, read the instructions and decide if you’ll enable mods.
After enabling mods, you’ll see the multiplayer button in the main menu. Enjoy!