Multiplayer not showing up?

I did all of the instructions and it was working for a while until i closed out and got back on later. When then happened was now multiplayer does not show up on the play menu, and i tried deleting and reinstalling it. Can anyone help?

Make sure BeamMP is active in the repo. If the BeamMP mod is not in the repo, you will need to change to launch location in beammp startup. Launch BeamMP, click on manage user folder, uncheck move user data, choose new location, find beammp launcher folder in %appdata%, select that folder for the new launch location. Startup beammp, and it should be fixed. This fix may remove your saved vehicles and settings, you can transfer them over to the %appdata% folder from your Documents > Beamng.Drive folder

Well, mine is doing the same thing, but mine isn’t popping back up.

Nevermind now its back out of no where