Multiplayer not showing up.

I had just got beamMP, when I open the game through the launcher, there is no multiplayer in the main menu, anyone know why?

same issue, i guess i’ll try to enjoy this the THIRD time now. First it was showing up but i couldn’t login as guest so had to make this throwaway, then it just wouldn’t show up…

Oh interesting, I guess we will need to go back and take another look at the loading system of the mod.

I had the same issue right after loading. Go to the mod screen, click activate all mods and try again. Fixed the same issues for my friends and I.

Click Play and then on the screen with freeroam and scenarios there will be one for Multiplayer

i have the same problem right now… very annoying

Ok so this happened to me and i closed beam, right clicked on the mp launcher and ran as admin. I clicked activate and update mods and it worked so maybe try this.

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This worked, thanks!