Multiplayer Tab doesn't show up

I physically can’t seem to get multiplayer to be working ever since the BeamMP mod devs updated it to where you have to login/register an account in order to play. I’ve been playing it for a few months and now it seems to be impossible to actually get into multiplayer, even re-installing BeamMP Launcher doesn’t work
I open BeamMP Launcher and it works fine, then BeamMP launcher opens BeamNG.Drive’s launcher of course it opens BeamNG. I click play and there’s no multiplayer option. It’s just sad now that I can’t play one of my favorite games that recently got multiplayer.

@Blue-X Hello!
This is a common and simple solution to fix. You will need to start with knowing the location of the BeamMP folder (right click on the Launcher, open file location) alt text

Take note of the location, you will need this in the next step alt text

Now, start the BeamMP launcher, click on “Manage User Files”!1608702443540-098d817a-f35e-48e2-ab83-63bf46cc724c-image.png

Uncheck “Move User Data” !1608702512234-fa46916e-bfee-4276-8b2d-f68e9117662a-image.png

Choose a new location (this will be the file directory you took note of earlier)
NOTE select the BeamNG file then click “select folder”
alt text

This should fix your issue :slight_smile:

If you need anymore assistance, please go to the support chat in the BeamMP discord and ask for help

Do i need to put the beamng hole entire beamng in?

Help, My mods are gone

This does not help at all. Pressing F5 will reload the UI and bring back the multiplayer tab though