Mute appeal

So i have been recently muted on the BeampMP discord server i was first muted for the length of 3 days and then the mute has been reduced to 1 day but i feel like the punishment is still unjustified since the ban message was this "!tempmute @called ■■■ turns out im rich 3d Borderline Spam, somewhat offensive content. Please use offtopic correctly in the future. " For the offensive content i have been able to resolve the issue about that since as it turned out that was actually an unjustified mute reason and for the borderline spam i feel like if its borderline then it is not spam k would like to have someone look into this the staff member who muted me is @Holyguaka#1895
I have exchanged private messages with this person where he agreed for me to include those direct messages into this report !1611581452765-screenshot_2021-01-25-14-04-49-265_com.discord.jpg
Here are the screenshots i am able to provide about this topic i also have been firstly punished with the mute and never been warned only afterwards when i questioned the staff member about this so the date of the warn and the date of the mute are NOT in proper order
I would like to have my mute removed from the list of punishments i have recived
Edit: Borderline Spam, incorrect usage of Off Topic
Is my latest ban reason

From what I understand this is already dealt with and after talking to my staff it does appear that their actions are justified considering the other occurrences that have happened previously. For this reason it will stand. Sorry if this is not the outcome you were looking for.

Hello! My Discord username is Monochrome_Silence#8807 and im here to request a mute appeal. I was muted because i pinged and spam pinged almost everyone on BeamMP, just few days ago, 2 or 3 or 4. I want an unmute and i promise i won’t do it again.

You specifically asked to be muted for a year.