My account got deleted?

I created an account not too long ago using the email [email protected] and I have been playing on an economy server grinding for hours. I got on to day and I was logged out and I couldn’t log back in. I tried resetting my password but it wouldn’t send the email. So I tried reregistering and it remade the account. Now I lost hours of grinding and I am very angry. I do not understand why my account got deleted and if I can not get it back, I do not think ill continue playing.

Screenshot :

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Hi, please could you let me know what Economy server you were playing on, and what your old username was if it was different?

Can you look for your activation email for your old account, and let me know exactly when you got it?

It looks like you got an activation email on Jan 10th 2023, and then a reminder email on Jan 12th 2023 - are you sure you activated your account?

I thought I did. Would it have deleted my account if I did not?

The user name was Musket2000 and I was playing on the CARP economy servers. They have several that I bounced around in.

@LionKor not sure if that reply tagged you or not.

It looks like you didn’t activate your account, then - it’s obviously our fault for letting you log in ingame with an unactivated account. That’ll need to be fixed.

Please make sure to activate this current account, you should have gotten an activation email (if you haven’t already). You may contact CaRP, if you ask really nicely they may try to get you your progress back, if you show them this thread and that it’s partially BeamMP’s fault for letting you play with an unactivated account.

Hope that helped, and enjoy :slight_smile: