My beamMP playtime does not track on Steam


Since beamMP launches beamNG directly by starting its .exe, the playtime is not tracked by Steam


If you add the path to the BeamMP launcher .exe followed by %command% to the Steam “Launch Options” for, you can play BeamMP through Steam, with it counting your hours toward your total. If you click on the Play button in Steam it will start the BeamMP launcher, but will be connected to Steam.


  • Locate the path for the beamMP launcher. Easiest way is to right click on the launcher then go to Options. Windows will automatically highlight the path for you, so copy that
  • Then go to Steam
  • Right click on beamNG in Steam
  • Go to Options
  • Paste the copied path into the start options field
  • Set the cursor to the end
  • Add the following argument %command%
  • Save the changes

If you now start beamNG trough Steam, it will instead start the beamMP launcher that in turn starts beamNG. But Steam should now track your hours in beamNG

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Is there any way to have normal BeamNG shortcut aswell as a modified one for BeamMP that tracks your played hours?