my BeamNG-MP is laggy

my specs are as follows
16gb 2400mhz RIPJAW ram in dual channel so i get around 4000 mhz
intel I7-7700HQ
Geforce GTX 1060
and a Crucial mx500 500gb ssd
and im using ThrottleStop to undervolt my cpu for better performance and temperature

the base (single player non-MP) game runs fine at 50-60 fps at full graphics with dynamic lighting all the way up but when im in BeamNG-MP with my graphics all the way down i get around 20-40 fps and sometimes 15 or below.
do you think its my hardware limiting my performance or something in the settings of beamNG-MP?


Hi there. Firstly the fps you have listed for single player, how many vehicles are you using when getting those results?
Secondly how many vehicles are loaded in on your multiplayer session when you are getting the 20-40 fps?

Keep in mind that more vehicles means less FPS in most cases just the same as in SP.