My Car Configs Not Showing Up For Other Players

This is very annoying… You can only load cars with vanilla configs and when u load it, it loads one color that I did not choose and this applies to other players view however on my view everything is fine. My car parts and configs and colors are not loaded for the other players. I hope you can fix this, Thanks.

Hello, this is likely due to a mod running on your client that is causing incompatabilities. Please can you confirm that all mods are disabled except BeamMP before joining any server.

They were all disabled, I’m gonna check if its good again.

Alright never mind, a guy told me a had to press the sync button but thanks.

Ah yep that will do it. We chose to do it this way to reduce lag for all where the game applied the edits of others vehicles.

Glad you got there in the end anyway.

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