My headlights dont work for my friend

my headlights dont work for my friend even though his headlights work for me. any fix? maybe graphic settings?

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Probably graphics settings, illumination is one of the things that gets disabled at lower graphical setting levels.

Hi there.

I have been having a similar problem and made a post about it on the forums.

Is there anything else it could be, since my graphics settings are on Ultra?
Thanks in advance.

Your settings are already on Ultra? Hmmm, well, there is a possibility that your light settings didn’t change with everything else, but you can see light bar effects. . .

Try verifying your BeamNG files through steam, maybe something is broken. You can also try deleting your shaders folder and letting the game reaquire it I think.

That’s an odd one

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Appreciate the quick response.

I’ve already reinstalled BeamMP and BeamNG once before when I reinstalled Windows, which was almost a month ago, I think.
Just to make sure, I have just verified my game integrity and deleted the shaders folder like you said I should do.

I’ll try it later tonight, as that’s when my friend is back and will get back to you.

Thanks for your help.

i might have an idea although its kind of a theory really as to how to also possibly fix it if the devs are wondering, i think it might be due to input devices and custom binds. you see, the way beamng handles unicode in-game is atrocious, and if you have, for example, a keyboard or a controller that has an internal name in chinese letters, the game cannot read that so cannot beammp therefore the key that the player is trying to press is lost or invalid. now, if that is not the case, then it is the key itself - there is a very known problem in beamng which also has to do with how the game cannot properly work with unicode, is if, for instance, you launched the game in cyrillic keyboard layout, and you are trying to press the N key, it actually sends the Т key, and once again, the input is lost. now, i mentioned “custom binds”, well, one could try two things: reset all binds to default or launch the game in the english keyboard layout, it may sound weird, but thats how it worked for much older games that ran only in english ANSI layouts. but that is just a theory. and if it is true, then beammp devs cannot do anything about it, that is a fundamental base game issue

This is correct, I think BeamMP as a whole can get broken if your windows user account name has like. . .Cyrillic in it or something.

i was just playing a native binary of beamng on linux and it jumped from XInput to DInput to SDLInput and i basically lost all control (i have a steam deck dock station with kb+m). temporary solution is to disable steam input and let beamng identify stuff by itself. and dont get me started on wheels & pedals