My server isn't working

I follow the wiki instructions and all is fine up until I try to join it, it says that the connection failed but when I try to join it with my internal ipv4 address I can join it but it’s not gonna work for me since I’m trying to play with a friend from another country and he is also having the same problem

hey @Charles i got a reply on a new post from the admin Anonymous275 saying the server was never broken in the first place so i decided to try it again and it is still indeed broken

Hey @Charles has the issue been fixed?

no server hosting is free

Wait do i need to be a patreon supporter to have a server?

Im in the wating room

Join the Support waiting room in the BeamMP discord so we can figure this out in VC

Well the same happens to both of us, like we cant join each others servers and we port forward correctly

If you are hosting it and joining it from the same device, you will need to direct connect, however if your friend cant join it is because it is not portforwarded correctly or your friends ISP is blocking it (very rare)

@charles When i attempt to join it just says connection failed and thats it
P.S sorry for the late responses i can only send messages every two minutes

do you connect to the server at all and get kicked back to the menu screen, or doesn it just fail

@charles yes i have

did you portforward?