My vehicle is slower

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So I play Drag race on Airport on Italy map with the same vehicles. But my vehicle is slower than my opponents, and my opponents seem to have a super boost even their Engine is Exploding because overrev and leave clutch overheat trail smoke behind. But when there is only 3 or less people on the server, my vehicle is now the same as my opponents.
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I can’t upload the video to help the proof so I post the image, I hope it helps

Hi there,

There could be a few reasons this is happening:

  • Your FPS is dropping below ~30 which is causing the physics simulation to slow down, and therefor you technically start moving slower than real-time, which would put you at a disadvantage OR
  • They do just have better configs (clone their vehicles and try a drag race with the exact same loadout)
  • The opponents are modifying their vehicles beyond what’s possible in the game (cheating) through the means of editing the vehicle files themselves. Once again, the best way to check this, is to clone their vehicle and drag race it against them, the modifications outside of the game are client side only, so you will be racing an untampered version of their car against them.

I hope this helps,

Looks like my problem was the FPS thing. yes my fps is below 30 when there are 10 peoples on the server. Because when there are only 3 peoples on the server, We have the same speed and I’m winning because weight reduction. Is there any way to fix this "Below 30 FPS’ issue? like to make the physics simulation not to Slow Down below 30 FPS?

That’s an issue I can’t give you a quick fix for. The solution is to unfortunately join servers with fewer vehicles. If you are taking it in turns drag racing, you could always request that participants not currently racing, despawn their vehicle until it’s their time on the strip. If you have lots of background applications running, CPU intensive ones specifically, you could close those and you should see a small fps improvement, assuming you are in fact CPU bound.


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Thank you Dave for the explanation. Time to save money and buy a new CPU I guess. I hope BeamNG and BeamMP devs can fix this issue for people that are in fact has slower pc than me. Cheers

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