Need help with my beammp

I need help I can’t find my purchase on my email and I restarted my whole entire pc. everything is deleted could someone help. And could someone send my email that I purchased the game with ?

Hi, what exactly did you purchase? BeamMP is a free platform. Are you referring to BeamNG Drive?

I factory reset my computer and I checked every steam account and Beammp drive is not appearing on steam

BeamMP is not a Steam asset, it is a mod for BeamNG drive. You can redownload the multiplayer mod here

Ok let me see if this going to work

It says failed to find the game please lunch it and I can’t lunch the game

Are you using a pirated version of BeamNG?

I clicked the link and I redownloaded it

Do you already own BeamNG Drive? BeamMP is an addition to BeamNG Drive which you have to buy from Steam.

I already purchased the game but it’s not there anymore

In that case I am afraid you need to contact the BeamNG drive team or Steam for further support.

idk how to contact them only from here

You can reach BeamNG’s support team here:

And Steam Support here: Steam Support

Hope this helps!

Not a BeamMP issue, user directed to contact BeamNG Drive and/or Steam Support.