Need some dire help

BeamMP refuses to boot up. It keeps reading

[FATAL] Invalid answer from authentication servers

I have no idea if its that my launcher is somehow outdated or just crack internet but this message comes up every time I try to launch.

The key file is located next to the BeamMP Launcher.exe file If you have one that is.

what key file

what is the key file cause i keep getting the failed
to connect

This was due to some backend problems we were having, the backend was overloaded, we never thought this many people would be using BeamMP at a time, but you guys continue to impress. Since, we have updated the backend to a much more robust system, you should not be having any more problems. As cr3 said, if the problems persist, try deleting your key file.

same here, first: [FATAL] Invalid answer from authentication servers
→ deleted the key file and it worked again.
Now: Failed to communicate with auth system.(after deleting key file)

I need help when I try to login to my BeamMP account it says Failed yo communicate to auth system.

same here dont know what to do

Same here, my son (same Network) is able to play online … try to reinstall client … no help…