No one can connect to my server anymore

i create a server, everithing ok during 3 month and a day, my server beam mp, minecraft, everything has stopped to work please help .

check your port forwarding settings in your router and your local computer firewall settings

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I have already done it

run a port check, while your servers are on

if it says closed then guess what, you got an issue with your router and/or firewall settings

mhh it’s close How will I do ?

look up your router + “port forwarding” on a search engine and check that your settings are alright. Then check the port check again, if that still says closed then check your firewall

still not working

then the settings arent alright


the first screenshot is my firewall of windows and the second is my internet box

anyone can help me ?

The only thing i see you could do is to remove these settings and reapply them following a tutorial. Theres probably some thing you forgot todo or that you have overseen, for example maybe you machine ip changed or smt

ok i’ll try to do that

yes. thank you this was super helpful.