No servers to join

When I load up BeamMP the list of public servers to join does not appear. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and BeamMP multiple times and nothing changes. I have created my out server too and i was able to join that via direct connect but that is the only to join it. and my friend on his computer can see all the servers even the one I created but it says failed to connect every time he tries to join via direct connect or through the server list. Please help me this is really annoying me and my friend.

1: make sure BeamMP is the only mod active in your mod manager. Also make sure that BeamMP is allowed on any to all antivirus you have as well as windows firewall

2: You will need to port forward in order to have people join your server. Your friend is getting “connection failed” because you have not port forwarded (most likely getting error code 10060)