Not being able to join server

What would cause error message (Failed to close socket). Or disconnected socket closed code 3…when im trying to join a server how can that be fixed.

Have you found it? Im also having connection issues since a week… Thought i found it yesterday and was able to game all night without issues while today im having failed to close socket all the time. I don’t get it… all ports and connections are allowed through the firewall😑.

■■■■ question but have you tried re-installing beamng and or beammp or clearing the cache? try using safe mode when you boot up beammp and see if your game files are the issue

Nah I haven’t yet one minute it’s fine then it’s right back to the same again

Yes I’ve tried that

When you re-installed, did you do a deep re-instal? Going into your C drive or where you have beamng, steam, steam apps then deleting the beamng folder? That’s helped me when my beamng would have the same issue after a re-install

I havent bin able to fix it… after a month not playing in my simrig i finally got fed up with it. Reinstalled windows and downloading beam and mp rn. Hope this solves it lol.