Other players cars engine very audible within close and far proximity

Please describe the issue you are having in as much detail as possible:
When I play with my friends in BeamMP, I can hear their cars loudly in my ears when they are behind me even a block away from me. It tried changing headsets, speakers, still barks in my ear. Any help would be appreciated.

Please provide any evidence or demonstrable content of the issue:
I don’t really have any evidence, all I can tell you is imagine you are a quarter mile away from your friend and you can still hear their car like they are inside your model. this happens with vanilla or modded cars.

Try that in singleplayer with non simplified traffic vehicles. See if it happens there too. Also you could record your issue with smt like OBS

Can you tell me how to do this with non simplified traffic? Yes I can try to get a recording later on in the day too.

Like go into singleplayer then open the options and in the gameplay settings should be a checkbox for simplified vehicles to be used in traffic. Disable it and spawn traffic. I want to know if this bug is indeed related to beammp. Cause ive never heared of that bug before

trying to spawn non simplified traffic in sp just crashes my game.

edit disregard, will try to test better when I can get onto my rig

i’m thinking it might be just certain cars that don’t really have their sound optimized for the game so its ear blasting loud and it doesnt help my friend is on mouse and keyboard so he’s either full throttle or no throttle?