PC in my house cant connect to my server on other PC

Set up a server for me and my dad to play together, the server is running on my pc. Server config has my key, I port forwarded the server and I have windows defender, firewall also should let players in. The server shows up on the search page but no matter what my dad cant join it. Could this issue have to do with the two computers being on the same network? Looking for some help really want do some crawling with him.

Well idk how you make your server public, but with hamachi you can make a private one and works, with this technic you need to copy the ip of the computer that run the server and past it in direct connect

Ignore the hamachi suggestion, thats for when your not in the same network and you cant forward ports.

Since you two are in the same network you dont have to forward ports and your server shouldnt be public but rather private. Your dad can direct connect to your computer.

Just give him your local machine adress → that is not your public ip, but your internal.

Heres a guide, look for “Find Your Local IP Address Using the Windows Settings Menu”

Your dad then clicks the direct connect button in the multiplayer menu and connects to your server with that ip.

If the connection failes then try deactivating your firewall for the moment.