PedalHost - Use code BEAMMP25 for 25% off!

Introducing PedalHost - The hosting partner of choice!

We have one goal - provide the best hosting experience possible.

:clipboard: Features

  • :clock3: 24/7 uptime - No need to keep your computer on!
  • :question: Knowledgeable support - Supported by the creators of BeamMP
  • :computer: Modern, fast hardware - (Intel Xeon Gold, AMD EPYC, AMD Ryzen 7XXX)
  • :palm_tree: Environmentally friendly - Powered by a minimum of 80% renewable energy.

:earth_africa: Locations

  • :flag_us: United States
  • :flag_de: Germany
  • :new_zealand: New Zealand - A first for BeamMP hosting!

:dollar: From as low as Β£1 per month!

Use Code BEAMMP25 at checkout for 25% off your first Month!

:desktop: Come check us out at!


PedalHost has been great so far! Super affordable price, incredibly easy to use, great customer service, and I have yet to experience any downtime. I’m so glad to have found a server hosting solution that is perfect for me.

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