People can't seem to see me online

So lately I’ve been having some trouble with BeamMP, I thought that it was due to me being on a Hotspot WIFI, but now having fast cable internet the problem still seems to exist.

So the problem is, People can’t see me in servers with mods, Vanilla servers work but if it has just 1 mod the problem occurs, it even does it on my own server that I directly connect to, all my friends can join it with no problem, I can see them driving, and spawning cars and such.

When I join a server the Ping says “?” and after spawning a car it tends to bounce between 0 to 3 MS, this is on my own server, when I spawn a car it spawns 2 cars, 1 that others can see and the other that I can drive, when I try to change a car after that it just waits when I select the car and then doesn’t spawn it, as soon as I try to leave the server all I can do is ALT+F4, nothing else works…

Any clue what’s going on? I’ve tried to do a clean install of BeamMP, I verified my BeamNG, nothing seems to help… I’m getting desperate for a fix because I really love MP…

Thanks in advance for the replies.

Screenshot of both console’s, says that I’m synced, but sadly that’s not true

I FIXED IT! all I did was disable all my mods, and only keep BEAMMP active! so if you also have this problem, disable all mods

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