Performance problem

hello guys , i wanna ask you something , i have a very bad problem with performance on BEAMMP , on single player on high graphics preset i get 75 FPS (locked at 75) , 60 with 5 AI traffic cars, when i enter on a server on beammp even with 1-2 players on low graphics preset i have 35-40 fps and alot of LAG , i can t even play , i don t know what to do , i have a ryzen 7 3700x , rtx 3060 12 gb and 16gb ram 3200mhz, is not a bad pc …do you think upgrading to 32gb will help ?

I’ve encountered people with very jacked computers with super high end cards, higher than yours, whom also experience FPS issues in BeamMP, I believe this is just the nature of the mod, as you’re rendering (and I speculate; computing) other players’ vehicles.

I got a computer that’s 4.3ghz, GTX 1650 SC Ultra, and 16GB of ram and beam MP runs smooth (with moderate to high graphics) until someone decides to crash very hard, which is an understandable framerate dip.

If your experience is like mine, then I’m pretty sure it’s normal, but if it’s consistently low FPS, then there must be something really going on that someone more qualified than me should help you with. :thinking:

(Note, when your client processes other players’ edits to vehicles, that also causes FPS dips which is also to be expected)

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yeah idk why , i have like continuous lag , not just when someone crash

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What does the performance graph show in multiplayer?