Permanent Ban Appeal

I’m aware of the mishaps and chaos I caused last I was there, and I feel that I have changed greatly. I’m trying to get back into the beamMP car-talk community and I’ve been banned for about a year now and since then I feel like I have matured a great deal. I hope i"ll have people to vouch for me and I know what I did was wrong and unacceptable and I won’t do it again under any circumstances. I’d really appreciate it if I were given a 2nd chance.
My discord tag is bigballsoup#8911 as though I feel like y’all know me well.

  • Thanks, Thief!

Hi Theif,

I’ll put the appeal to the team and see what everyone thinks - I’ll get back to you in a day as it is midnight here currently.

Admin team

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Hi Thief,

We have decided to unban you :slight_smile:
Please be cautious not to repeat any unwanted behavior, and we hope you enjoy the community once again.

Admin team

Hey, whenever i join a room, i spawn my car and i get kicked. Why is that may I ask because really, i didnt not cause any mess, only thing im doing im not sure if its right, is that where i saw multiple players, i saw them because of their name tags, i went there with free cam and spawned my car a 50m away from them so i could ride with them and dont have to feel alone.
Also, maps recently dont seem to load, in the last 40 minutes either i couldnt join or i got kicked when i did.

Thanks, Matt

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Hi @Matthew0303, and welcome to our forum :smiley:

To ask a question, you’d usually make a new topic in the support category - you just replied to another topic.

To answer your question; It may say you got “kicked”, but it’s likely because your connection to the server got interrupted. This happens sometimes, when the server runs on a bad connection or you’re just physically very far away (e.g. US <-> australia).

Usually, if you get kicked by someone manually, it will say a reason :smiley:

Just join another server, people usually like playing with strangers around :slight_smile: Join our discord (if you have discord) if you want some easier way to get help!


Hello i got banned from the beammp discord server because i was hacked and was spamming free discord nitro in the chats .I got banned from a few other discord servers aswell and it all happend a long time ago. The virus is now gone so could i please be unbanned. My friend has helped me to get unbanned from some other discord servers, and now and im starting to get full acces to all discord servers again.
My discord tag is:Larg1#8949


I’ve reviewed the ban, it checks out. I unbanned you.