Ping spike problem

Allow me to start, this problem is not a problem that occurs in every server, and it only occurs in certain servers under certain circumstances.

Mass sending of data to clients, (I am unsure if it is gross data, or just singular sets of big packets) in the form of client events in general (lua and electrics are the two places i’ve encountered this limitation, but I imagine other events are the same.) causes the ping of players to rapidly spike into the hundreds of milliseconds range, all cars freeze and the server is extremely unresponsive, it takes a few moments to catch up, reeling everything back in for a short moment and spiking again, it does not seem to be a network problem as it occurs on different systems, so far It’s happend on Daniel’s server and my home computer, it occurs at a SET point, it’s predictable, and most imporantly, extremely reproduceable which leads me to believe it’s a problem directly tied to an upper limit on data size, which exists regardless of hardware. My hypothesis is that the packet size cap is met and the packets have to be split up, and possibly something else is at play, but I’m not positive.

With that out of the way, if the problem does end up being a packet size problem, maybe connection health per client could be measured, and a dynamic packet size cap could be implemented, or servers could have choice of a packet size on their server.

With that said, I believe that @Charles has also reported this problem, though with much different circumstances not relating directly to overworking a single server via modifications.

I can get the rough amount of data that I had stacked on top to upset everything in a few, but just wanted to write out this, I understand that due to the circumstances of this, you are in no situation to cater to me, I pushed the limits of how much data we can get away with sending, so ultimately, it is my problem, but I just wanted to make this known so that it could be looked into. If you need any other information, please feel free to ask, Thanks in advance!