Players are purple circles

My friend is unable to see me on my beammp server but I am able to see him
and I am the host, he only recently installed the game so If there is any steps
he may have missed please let me know.

We are able to join no problems there its just I am a circle
for him.

You are appearing as a black/orange or dark grey blob for him?

  • Black: You are using a car of a mod that your friend didnt have activated when you spawned that car
  • Orange: Your car spawn is qued on their side, they may have to press the orange button on the top.
  • Dark Grey: They deleted your car

Its weird because some modded vehicles are working but then some arent even
appearing as a vehicle for him in the menu, and when I join the server I get
a error for almost every mod but then most of them work??

The circle is also purple.

if the orb is purple, did you change the colours at all? Because what Neverless listed are the default colours.

(In my case I edited the illegal vehicle orb to be red, but you can see what the colours represent here)

Now, are you using manually installed mods, or are you two joining a server with mods that come with the server.

I manually installed the mods, I am hosting the server of my own computer.
He only recently purchased the game and all tune colours are default and non of them display purple but ingame to represent me in a vehicle it still does.

Put the mods you want to use on that server into the Resources\Client folder. That way your friend’s will automatically download them and then activate them.

Purple, means that the vehicle spawn or edit couldnt be processed. This is a case i havent seen in a long time. But first try to put the mods into the server, dont forget to restart the server then.