Players can’t see me, But I can see them!

Me and my friends trying to play online but my friends can see me but I can see them. Already reinstalled the and that didn’t help. Internet is not the problem I am getting ping and the amount of people the on sever. Could I please get some help fixing this.

Same here…
Also, every time I enter the available server, I just spawn under the map (underwater) not a blob. My friend enter the server as a blob. We enter the same server and my friend cant see my car either but I still can see him and interact with his car, even though his car from his camera doesn’t interact with mine. It’s almost feel like I’m invincible. Every time I enter to the server and spawn a car, it’ll just spawn 2 identical cars in, and I cant change or edit my car (or the other “randomly/accidently spawned” one), sometimes my camera view moved to other player car. I also notice that my beammp account is not added to the license plate by default, just random number and letters.
I already reinstall (literally, even removing cache, temp, and user file from my laptop) but it still doesn’t work at all. Have these problems too?

exactly the same problems.

Hey RileyCJ151,

I don’t exactly know is this the only solution for it, but it seems like there is some problem from our windows computer. It could be the settings or etc… But after I clean reinstall windows on my laptop (or PC) I finally get rid of those problems. I can play beammp as it should be. Maybe you should give it a try…