Players creating cars in servers, causing lag

Hello lads, just wondering if anyone else is mildly frustrated by this?
I’ll try and explain myself better -
You see a lot of people who will be customising their car and creating their own builds. We all know that in BeamNG, every time you change something, whether it be a seat or an engine, your game lag spikes for a bit to load it in. This occurs on BeamMP too.

So, when people create their cars on BeamMP server, all players experience this lag spike, which is a bit frustrating, rather than creating the car offline and loading it in on BeamMP.
Anyone else?

To help with this, we developed a queuing system in the Multiplayer options. When you turn it on, it will queue all vehicle edits and wait until you have come to a complete stop to load them in (lag spike). You can also set it to only load edits when you want instead of when you stop.