? players ? ping, can see other players, but they aren't moving

I am hosting my own beammp server and whether it be me who joins, or a friend who helped test it, the players and ping both show as ?. We can see each others car, hear each others revs, but there is no movement.

I have double checked the port forwarding and all is well there.

One thing interesting I’ve noticed is that using fails to connect, but using (the server’s local ipv4) works for me to connect, and my friend just used my public ip.

I’m using BeamMP Server 3.1.1 and I just installed the BeamMP Client yesterday.

The server is running inside a docker container of Ubuntu 22.04 (I was experimenting, I will probably try outside of docker to see if maybe that is creating some weird issue)

Any help would be appreciated.

After trying it without the docker tomfoolery it works perfectly fine.

If I actually knew half of what I was doing in docker maybe I could do something lmao, gotta start somewhere I guess.