Player's vehicles spawn as falling unicycles

IF you join a server and FIRST spawn a beamling / snowman / unicycle, THEN your next car will become a copy of you, lying on the ground, with the car in question being invisible. This is a bug I hope the devs will fix. To replicate you simply need to have the automatic queue switched off. Maybe even “remove all” in the debug, as a mean to “blobify” everyone.

For now there are a few solutions:

  1. Make sure you (plural) join a server and spawn your first vehicle in free cam, NOT as a beamling / snowman / unicycle.
  2. In case it DID happen, simply delete all vehicles (including any unicycles, they are technically a vehicle!) (debug tab in vehicle config works too) and spawn again.

It does look a bit silly actually, when you see it for the first time. It becomes less funny when you realise that these static drunk snowmans face down in the ground are supposed to be cars that are completely invisible.

Hope I helped.

Take care!