Players' wheels spin & smoke a lot

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I’m having a desync (?) issue on my side that players’ vehicles’ wheels just slide or spin across the ground with their tyres producing excessive amounts of smoke, likes of in a burnout. Doesn’t matter if it’s Vanilla or otherwise. This makes it incredibly difficult to follow a lead. Turning shaders off doesn’t help either… :skull: :smoking:

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f11 and find partical inpector and turn the smoke down

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Thank you very much! Although some servers don’t allow the world editor to be brought up…

Actually I think I might know the cause and how to fix this. :nerd_face:

In the settings see Gameplay > Vehicle Behaviour > Default Ignition State, set it to ON, or running.

Just a theory. I cannot test this right now. But I think it ALSO has to do with the handbrake desynchronisation, when a vehicle throttles. As you know, there are two parking brakes in BeamNG - toggle (P) and hold (SPACE). It could be that on player’s end they released the parking brake, but client-side we see them driving with the brake engaged. Meaning there are no parking brake state checks (?) for one’s vehicle on spawn. Could be hard to fix, since it’s just a single on/off input. Possibly make it so that handbrake disengages automatically for player’s vehicles in motion.

Many thanks, be well and big ups! :crazy_face:

Temporary solution is to have this custom tyre smoke mod installed on the server:

It makes the smoke much more bearable as well as “realistic”.

Also switching to the player’s vehicle in question and recovering/respawning it could work but only when the vehicle is not in motion.

EDIT: If anyone is still experiencing this issue, make sure all queue events are applied, because you just might be seeing a different car.