Please activate 2 vehicle/player-option on more/all servers for trailers and caravaning

I want to drive semis with trailers, or little ones pulled by cars, or just want to pull a caravan, but the only server that allows that, is an US-server on the italy-map. And besides that italy ain’t the gratest map for pulling trailers, the server is always full with people, that do NOTHING ELSE, but running up and down the highway…99% of the map is NEVER used and none of them are using the option of the second vehicle. SO CAN U PLEASE ALLOW 2 VEHICLES ON OFFICIAL SERVERS???
I want to pull load on Utah, or west- and east-coast…my favorite would be an OFFICIAL american road-server, that allows trailers and such…

Allowing a player to spawn more cars at once comes with the issue of a higher hardware load for all players. So if the server alows 10 players, each with 2 cars, that means that you could have to process up to 20 cars. And thats for alot of computers to much. So in order to keep the servers friendlier to the average computer specs a change like you suggested cannot be made.

However there are lots of servers that allow you to spawn more then 1 car and they ususally also advert it in their title or describtion