Please close the game, and try again later!

Hey Guys, since quite a while i cant start BeamMP anymore. I always get that notification while launching (Please close the game, and try again later!).
I dont really know what i should do. i uninstalled BeamMP and BeamNG but nothing seems to help. Maybe you can help me with this problem.

Thank you in advance

Can you send a screenshot of the issue?

It may be a silly question but do you have your game closed? The launcher will open it automatically after.

Yeah it is closed.

Ive tried it while BeamNG is not even installed and it still tells me the same thing. Also while steam is closed and right after i started my pc. Still the same message

if my memory servers me right then i think the issue is that it can’t find or access the user directory (i might be wrong though xD), try changing the user directory to somewhere else then back, then first launch single player, close the game and the try beamMP