Please help! My game is running constantly at 20-30 fps in every lobby!

My game has been running very slowly on basically all servers, 8 players and 10.

I have a very high end gaming pc, but its very small, ive tried turning the graph’s down, using 5g, ect ect.
Does anybody else have this issue? Can someone help me fix this? Please help!


This picture was done in East Coast.

pretty average fps for that many players. be aware that BeamNG is a cpu heavy game. Meaning that turning down graphics often doesnt improve performance. What CPU and RAM do you have?

My pc runs totally fine sometimes but when i try to boot it up on some low player servers, everything lags.

Oh and my CPU is a AMD Ryzen 5 5600G and i have a 16 GB RAM
I also got an RTX 3060 installed.

According to a benchmark site, your cpu is a bit slower then mine and i can run exactly the same amount of vehicles at the same time. If your ram is running in dual channel mode, then there is nothing that you can do.

The reasons why things may lag on low player servers is because 16gb of ram is the absolute minium requirement for BeamNG. Certain maps alone fill that ram up. eg Johnson Valley

What is dual channel mode? ive not really heard about it.

Can you explain it to me?

Well usually your computer runs in dual channel ram mode when you have 2 ram sticks. With a tool like CPU-Z you can see in what mode you are running

On the right side it says “Channels #” and in there “Dual”. If it says single then either because your memory is wrongly configured or because you only have one ram stick.

In such a case you would want to fix that either by reconfiguring your memory or by buying another same ram stick and plug it also into your computer

ah hah, alright, thanks for the help!