Please remove Rocket-Bus and Plow-Vehicles from official servers

Almost everytime when i join a server there comes a point, all serious driving comes to an end.

Some people try to hillclimb, some do rollplay and chases, some others race, or just cruise around or simulate trucking and Bus driving,or simply physics and chash-testing…and then some idiot comes to a server and instantly gets into some plow vehicle, or the hero-bus and smashes into EVERYONE with 400+ km/h…it doesn’t matter, how often you tell them to quit it, they always get even more motivated to crush everything…and this often leads to server issues and game-crashes, because off all the debri and physics…everyday my game crashes once or twice, because someone is smashing into others, with INSANE speeds and it comes to poligon-fails and other instabilities…but even if it doesnt lead to game-ctd, it just destroys the gameplay fun of others.

This really drives most players i know crazy, because they often cant survive 10sec, to have their own game going and I NEVER have seen someone use those vehicles, for something else, as insane crashing and often when you respawn, you havent got 10sec, before you are blown to bits again.

START official special crash-servers and make those vehicles avaiable on those, but PLEASE BLOCK THEM on the official servers, so that this comes to an end and people can race, hillclimb, offroad, rollplay, chase, simulate stuff again, without some idiots running into them with unrealistic vehicles at unrealistic speeds.

Hello and thanks for the suggestion! We’ll take it into consideration, we’re currently working on our moderation features for the official servers and will hopefully start improving this whole situation soon!