Plugin Manager! - Looking for plugins


I’m currently working on the server manager to add a new tab to allow users install and delete plugins with one click. I already texted some of the owners under a DM but I make this as public post so everyone who has a plugin can be part of it.

Please, if you have a plugin and you want us to interate it with the manager, reach us.

Thanks a lot!

Here is how it looks the private preview:

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That sounds like a great initiative! It would be even more beneficial for the community if you could share the scripts handling the installation process with everyone here. This way, the community can learn and benefit collectively from the shared knowledge, rather than just improving your own platform for potential hosting.

Being open and transparent about the process would be appreciated by all. Looking forward to more collaborative efforts within the community!

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Hello Rivins! The script uses our own sample database, and when user clicks on INSTALL, it goes to the location and copies the stuff on the user folder.

The setup is great on the user end, but on the other end is a bit complex, since it’s build on our existing system. We used this as a base:

But modfied to allow us to provide users an easy interface with the network settings being sorted by the system.

Here is how the plugin tool looks after the we released the working version to users. Still need to check more plguins for their licences and to talk with their owners:

Looks good, I know some people who would really like this :ok_hand:
Also, how do updates work? I’ve recently (yesterday) updated the flood mod for BeamMP

Hello Daniel! Right now I own a private directory where I have all the files for the plugins and servers read them from there. For the updates, I was thinking to provide an FTP directory for the owners to load the files there. I didn’t add yours since I didn’t see any license on GitHub. Would you us to add your plugin there? I can give you a server after that so you can test it and use it.

Well, what if it could pull it from Github instead? With that, you could also use a specific tag/release, or even commit (for more advanced users maybe). FTP works quite well though, I see no issue with using that.

And yeah, that would be great. I was going to add a license yesterday, but since it was a pre-release, I didn’t bother. I was going to do that once it’s had more testing and I can make a full release.

Sorry for the delay, for now we sort our own plugin database, but as soon as I have it public I will share it so you can add it.

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Looks nice and useful :+1:

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